Our Story

As one of the Chennai leading interior design firms, GoodworkInterior Aid is transforming the industry by making luxurious design effortless and accessible.

GoodworkInterior Aid’s world-class interior designers are handpicked from the nation’s premier firms, and bring an unparalleled level of expertise to every project, regardless of budget.

Clients get full access to GoodworkInterior Aid’s exclusive trade-only discounts, which range up to 50% off retail prices, and these cost savings often exceed our design fees.

GoodworkInterior Aid’s incredible home makeovers have been featured in CHENNAI, House Beautiful, Chennai magazine, and more.

Since September 2010, GoodworkInterior Aid has completed more than 800 projects in Chennai alone, and now offers its in-person, interior design services in Chennai , Bangalore.

GoodworkInterior Aid Founders Sean Juneja & Markus Weber

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